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In the Ag Queen Podcast, you will hear from the movers and shakers that are shaping the agriculture industry.

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Owner of Farmer Invented, Monte Busser talks about all his inventions and patents. He is also a farmer and has other interest that help to support his family farm.

On today's episode, Peter Orwick gives a sheep industry update and talks about challenges and issues that producers face. He also highlights upcoming initiatives that ASI is working on.

The Colorado Cattleman's Association has a new leader.his Erin Karney is stepping in as the new Executive Vice President. Today we learn more about her and her history in the cattle industry and with CCA. Lorrie also visits with her as par of her series on women in Ag.

Today's show features a young auctioneer making a big name for herself. Still in high school, Shelby Shuman, of Eaton Colorado has won several prestigious awards with her auctioneer skills and has set a lot of goals for herself as she advances in the industry. Her SAE was in auctioneering and her father is Scott Shuman, a well known auctioneer with Hall and Hall Auctions, also of Eaton, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Hall and Hall Auctions

The U.S. Cotton Protocol is a member organization that ensures cotton is meeting sustainability and environmental standards in a transparent way.

On today's show learn how one company is not letting good food go to waste while serving the homeless population in Denver, Colorado. "We Don't Waste."

Today's show features Auctioneer, Author and Hall and Hall Partner, Scott Shuman. He shares his long time journey as an auctioneer and gives highlights from his book. His book features fun and unique stories of people and places that he has met along the way in in career.

On today's show we talk about how wool and fleece processing with a small business owner who turned her hobby into a business in rural Nebraska. Kelsey Patton is owner of the Fiber Mill. Learn more about this niche part of the ag industry and how they turn fleece into custom yarn, batts and more for crafters from across the country.

In today's show, I visit with Chemical Engineer and fourth-year candidate at the University of California, Davis, Kevin Yates. He talks about his research and development of lettuce that contains protein that will help to reduce bone loss in astronauts. Tune in to find out more about this cutting edge research and food technology.

The National Grain and Feed Association, founded in 1896, is a broad-based, non-profit trade association that represents and provides services for grain, feed and related commercial businesses. Its activities focus on enhancing the growth and economic performance of U.S. agriculture.